Sunday, 6 July 2008

Itzik Galili at the Lausanne Festival de la CIté

One of the sure signs that a place is gaining in urban sophistication is when an audience queues up hours beforehand to be sure to catch the work of the choreographic Wunderkid, Itzik Galili. How did they know?

I first read about Galili in The Economist more than a year ago in an article that promised: "Renowned for his confrontational artistic style, Israeli-born Itzik Galili is rapidly becoming one of Europe's most interesting and unusual choreographers".

In a fantastic demonstration of physical prowess, the dancers tell us stories, pound the stage into music or simply exude the exhiliration of playing before a festival crowd. The company is being dissolved, so we were the lucky last viewers of this particular group of dancers that Galili formed in Groningen in the north of Holland. He is now moving to Amsterdam to start a new group there. The entire audience made as if they wanted to follow him.

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